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August 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome! Sunday was another good day out on the Green for the most part. I'm getting use to the hike in not the hike out so much. lol Its a moderate hike with a couple strenuous spots near the river. After a month of hiking in and shooting I pretty much know what I need and don't need as far as gear goes. I've taken everything out of my camera bag that I feel I don't need but have added a few things I normally don't carry. I've been scouting the river looking for different perspectives and different rapids to photograph. A few of these spots are right on boulders in the water and some I have to be in the water standing on slick rocks.

I've had safety instilled in me from working in a Nuclear Power Plant for many years. Safety first! They preach it over and over. I've never been the best at safety but over the years it finally sunk in. When I am out scouting a new location the first thing I think about is safety because of what I have been taught from being in a very safety conscious work environment. Some of the spots I have in mind they are very dangerous. I like to be up close to the action with a wide angle or fisheye lens but other times I'm good being off in the distance with a zoom lens. I invested in some safety gear this past weekend to help keep me safe when getting into those dangerous places. Fast flowing water and slick rocks are a combination for disaster if you're not careful. I bought a Astral GreenJacet PFD and a Liquid Logic 75' speed bag (safety rope) to protect me from an accidental fall. I also wore a helmet which I already had. All gear worked out great and allowed me to get at the very bottom of the seal launch and Gorilla and feel safe about being down there. I managed to get a few good shots but not what I was really hoping for. I was basically trying a few things out that I don't do a lot of. (panning and flash) This was the first using both while shooting kayaking for me. I did learn that I do need to get a cover for my camera to help keep the moisture out of it. It never got wet but the mist eventually got into it a little and caused it to act up. 

Once home I checked the  camera  and it was still acting up.  After trying to download my pictures with no success I had to download a recovery app to retrieve them from the memory card. Thankfully I was able to get them all back and in the process learned a valuable lesson and that is to keep moisture off your camera the best you can. I have never had this issue before and have shot on the river plenty of times before but there's always a first time for everything. Lessons learned from this trip is it's just as important to protect your camera as it is to protect yourself while being on the river. Until next time be safe out there!


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